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About the Series

The world is hers for the breaking.

Betrayal drove Glitch, a hacker with more talent for computers than people, to choose the life of a Runner. Her connection to the cyber-tech that runs the world gives her an edge. But stealing from the mega-corporations that own the city exacts a higher price than she ever imagined. When a job goes wrong and her loyalty to Runners is set against her own survival, Glitch’s past rivals close in and she is drawn unwillingly into a contest of power between corporate titans. Allies become enemies and loyalties are tested as Glitch contends not only for the survival of Runners, but all of Neosaka.

About the Author

Living on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California for over a decade turned one-time fantasy writer Rachel Beck into an author of the cyberpunk series The Glitch Logs. When not hammering out new stories by the light of a dying laptop, she also enjoys gaming, tabletop RPGs, and escaping the cyber dystopia to enjoy nature. Rachel is also the author of stand-alone fantasy novel Sommnium, The Dark Menagerie storied-jewelry series, and co-creator of The Dracula Files.

To contact Rachel you can email her at rachel@glitchlogs.com or find her on Twitter as @rachelthebeck.