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Glitch Logs // Defrag


“Runners are moths. Doesn’t matter how perfect a machine you build. There’s a weakness there, and Runners will find a way to exploit it.”

The neon-washed streets of Neosaka are a hard place to make a living. Glitch, a hacker with more of a talent for computers than people, barely scrapes by as a Runner, stealing from the massive corporations that run her city. One night, on the 189th floor of a high-security surveillance company, everything falls apart.

What should have been a simple data grab turns deadly when a rival crew shows up. They’re looking for the same prize and don’t care who they have to kill to get it. Computer savvy won’t be enough this time. With a relentless security force on the way, Glitch must find a way to ally with her enemies if any of them are to survive. That would be hard enough if some of her prospective allies didn’t also have their own hidden agendas…

Cyberpunk fans are calling The Glitch Logs “quick paced, complex, and enthralling”, “an experience that feels authentic”, “non-stop action”, and “the best thing out of the Matrix since Neo”.

Welcome to Neosaka. Start reading now.

Defrag is the first book of The Glitch Logs series.
Defrag is a novella-length work, approximately 100 pages long in print-version.

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Format: Paperback with matte finish cover
Length: 100 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8″

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