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Glitch Logs // User Error


“You broke the rules tonight, Glitch. I want to know why.”

Glitch is short on options. Funds are low and an old enemy is hunting her. When she’s offered a job that could buy her some time, Glitch jumps at the opportunity. Unfortunately, jobs aren’t ever easy for Runners in a city like Neosaka, and Glitch’s personal code of rebellion may make an already hard job impossible.

When Glitch chooses principles over pay, the only way to salvage the mission is for her to go undercover at Genocom University, an elite school for the children of the rich who run the city. Choices from jobs past return to haunt her, and she becomes entangled in the secrets of powerful people who will not hesitate to kill her. Worse yet, Glitch begins to suspect that this isn’t an honest run. Someone is playing her and her team.

Standing her ground against insatiable corporate machines and her jaded fellow Runners has served Glitch well before, but this time it may cost her everything — and everyone — she cares about.


Format: Paperback with matte finish cover
Length: 328 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.5" x 8"

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