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Glitch Logs // Overclocked


“You wanted to be a Runner, this is how Runners survive. You learn to walk away.”

Glitch escaped Eyes in the Sky with blood on her shoes and a broken watch. It should have ended there, but mere hours later the faceless corporation that hired her is suddenly, inexplicably out for her blood.

Driven deep into the underbelly of Neosaka, Glitch is caught up in a fight between the city’s gangs and a Runner relentlessly searching for answers. Haunted by the deaths of her crew and dogged by her past, Glitch will have to push her already-exhausted body and mind past their limits to survive and pay off her debts to the dead.

Cyberpunk fans are calling The Glitch Logs “quick paced, complex, and enthralling”, “an experience that feels authentic”, “non-stop action”, and “the best thing out of the Matrix since Neo”.

Glitch’s story continues in Overclocked. Start reading now.

Defrag is the first book of The Glitch Logs series. The second book is Overclocked.
Overclocked is a novella-length work, approximately 156 pages long in print-version.

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Format: Paperback with matte finish cover
Length: 136 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8″

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