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When I sent out the first batch of request for interview to cyberpunk creators a little over a month ago, I had some idea that I’d do five or six of them, get some interesting insights, do a meta-write up on what I’d learned, and call it a series.

I was younger and more foolish then.

It became quickly clear to me after the first couple of interviews that, like all good conversations, this would not be a project with a neat end to it. Questions raised by one interview bled into the next and I realized that this was probably going to keep going until I got tired of talking to people, or they got tired of talking to me.

The State of Cyberpunk

For my purposes, “The State of Cyberpunk” is a series of interviews with creators within the genre of cyberpunk. I’ve limited my interviews to people who have at least one completed work in the genre, but I’m open to just about any creative medium. So far I’ve interviewed authors, tabletop game designers, a graphic novelist, and even one gentleman who wrote for VR. I hope to keep expanding that list as time goes on.

I’m asking everyone the same questions: what drew them to the genre, how their medium interacts with cyberpunk, why they think cyberpunk is important now, and how they hope to see cyberpunk develop in the future.

Periodically, I’ll do write ups of my own ideas, or trends I’ve noticed across creators. I don’t know where this series is going, or where it will end, and I’m pretty comfortable with that ambiguity.

The first interview will go live tomorrow.
I hope the ideas these interviewees discuss and the questions they raise will be as interesting to you as they have been to me.